Empower your employees to answer their own paycheck modeling questions in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD11-004

In this video I want to show you how to enable employees to safely perform pay modeling calculations using real data in Dynamics GP.

I'm logged into Dynamics GP employee self-service as Adam Barr. Adam has access to a tool on the self-service suite. Notice when he clicks on this you will see only his information he can't look up other employees or browse to other employees, of course, but his information is pulling directly from the payroll system. Adam can make changes to has payroll assumptions to see how they impact his net pay.

Once he's inputted the changes is considering, he can press the calculate button. The system will calculate what his net pay would be based on these assumptions. The report is showing me as the employee as Adam Barr in the situation where my new net pay would be if I change my tax withholding, allowances as well as my 401k deduction.

What's nice about this is Adam can perform these calculations on his own without having to contact the payroll or human resources department at your company.

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