Quickly assign leave codes to one or to many employees in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD01-003


In this video, I'm going to show you how to quickly assign lead codes to employees and we're going to approach this from two different perspectives.

First, let's say that we've developed a new leave plan within our organization and we've set that up but now we need to assign that to many employees within our company. Normally, you might have to go into each individual employee and individually assign them. In this case, we're going to pick a code I'm going to pick California sick time we're going to give it an effective date and in this case you can see that we can apply that to all employees and assign that code to them so they'll all immediately start accruing for that code on 7-1-2015.

Another example, is that you've hired a new employee and you need to quickly assign that employee to the leave plans that pertain to them. We can do that in the leave quick assignment window. Pick an employee - and you can see that this employees not yet assigned to any leave plans - and we can quickly start signing those leave plans to the employee and now the employee will begin accruing according to those leave plans. These are very quick, easy and efficient ways to assign leave plans to employees in two different situations.

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