Employee E-Mail Suite is easy to set up and use in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD02-002


Hi, I'm Dan Doolin with Integrity Data. In this video, we're going to talk about the setup and use of the Employee E-Mail Suite product. The purpose of the Employee E-Mail Suite product is to give you the ability to email both earning statements and W-2s directly from Dynamics GP.

Let's begin by setting up the Employee E-Mail Suite. We begin in the Employee E-Mail Suite setup window. Let's configure the options for the Employee E-Mail Suite. First, we decide which email method we'd like to use direct connection to the SMTP mail server or use our local Outlook client to email the earning statements. Next, we'll type in our email body that will appear in the email that the employee receives.

From there, we can move down to some additional options for emailing the earning statements. The first option is to configure the password that will be on the PDF attachment that is the earning statement for the employee. Next we'll configure the employee PDF file location where the PDF documents will be stored during the emailing process. We then have additional options to include the email earning statements when printing as well as archiving emailed earning statements so they can be resent on a future date.

Once we have the E-Mail Suite set up, you will then process payroll in Dynamics GP as you normally would, printing only those earning statements that would need to be printed once the payroll process is complete. Then, you'll open up the email earning statements window. In this window, you will begin by selecting the pay run for which you need to email earning statements. When you select the pay run, the appropriate employees will appear in the lower part of the window. These are employees that are active on direct deposit and also have an email address on their employee card in Dynamics GP.

The system automatically knows which employees should receive their earning statement via email. Now we'll simply mark all the employees and click process. The earning statements will then be emailed to the employees. When the employee receives their email, they will see the text of the email that we put into the setup window. They will also see their earning statement attached. When they double click on the earning statement it will prompt them for their password. Based on the settings that you configured in the setup window, the employee will enter their password, click OK.

The earning statement will then appear and will look exactly as if it was printed from Dynamics GP during the payroll process. It's important to note that the earning statement capability can be opened on a normal computer, a tablet or even a mobile device. As you can see this is a much better way to distribute earning statements within your organization rather than printing those earning statements, stuffing them into envelopes and then distributing them to the employees.

For more information about this product, please visit our website which is: integrity-data.com or feel free to contact us with any questions.

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