Report on leave balances and leave liability in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD01-005


In this video, we're going to show you how to quickly run some reports related to leave balances and leave liability.

Now you'll see in Dynamics GP that I have the SmartList tool and under Comprehensive Leave Management, I have several SmartLists that I have imported that we can now take a look at. The first and most commonly requested is the leave liability report and you can do a lot of sorting and filtering on this, as you know, using the SmartList tool in Dynamics GP. What this SmartList does is it takes the employee balance, multiplies that times their pay code associated with that leave balance and produces a liability amount. In many situations this can be used to update the accrued liability account for paid time off in the general ledger.

Another great SmartList tool is the leave summary SmartList. This SmartList shows every employee all of their leave codes, their eligibility date, as well as the total amount of earned taken adjustments and the remaining balance. This information is very helpful when you want to do some sorting or run some reports, or create some charts based on balance information for all the employees.

Another SmartList that's helpful is the ability to look at leave summary information during the payroll process and you can do that in the leave summary after calculate SmartList, the leave transaction SmartList and the leave work transaction SmartList. These are all very helpful for you as you manage leave and as you process payroll.

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