1 step to calculate multiple gross-up wage calculations in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD11-003

In this video I'm going to show you how to perform gross up calculations for many employees at the same time.

Under our utilities within payables, we're going to open the Paycheck "What If" Calculator. When I go ahead and mark the mass gross up check box, I'm going to put in the pay code of bonus pay code in an amount of five hundred dollars. This is the bonus amount that we want the employee to receive as our net pay.

We're going to mark that as a gross up and then we're going to add the employees. I'm going to choose a range of employees here and add them to our selection. Now I'll simply hit the calculate button and it tells me that it could take just a couple of minutes for it to process all of these gross up calculations.

When the report appears, you'll see this done a gross up calculation for these three employees telling us what the gross wages need to be to produce a net wage or net check of $500 for each of those employees.

Now we can simply add those transactions to a bonus payroll batch. I enter my batch ID and click add the batch now if I go look at this batch will see the transactions have been created.

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