Conveniently manage all of your unique leave plans in a single place in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD01-001


In this video, we're going to talk about how to manage all of your employee leave plans in one place.

To do that I'm going to bring up our leave setup window. I'm going to use this to show you several different examples of leave that are set up in Dynamics GP. We will go into the details of the configuration and all the different options in subsequent videos.

in this video, I'm just showing you a few examples. Here we have the PTO plan, just a standard paid time off plan and all the settings that go with it. As we look at some other plans we can see some Union leave plans, standard vacation leave plans, volunteer days which are very straightforward - just 16 hours per year for those employees that have that benefit. We can look at mandated sick time plans, which are becoming common across the country that need to be offered to part-time employees for every 30 hours that they work - they accrue one hour of sick time, so put one or two more options. Again, it's important to know that all of these leave plans are set up using your own codes and descriptions. They are not predefined buckets; as a matter of fact, you can see here in one scenario we have a customer actually using the leave code configuration to keep track of a clothing allowance, which it actually worked pretty well for them.

So, these are examples of the flexibility that you have in managing the leave plans within Dynamics GP. Another quick example is comp time, compensatory time, where we translate overtime coming through on payroll to comp time balances that we're maintaining for the employees. Let's look at a specific employee and look at their balances in their leave plans from subsequent information about those. Here you can see the leave summary for Adam Barr and the reason for me showing this to you is so you can see all the different types of leave the Adam has. Now granted, some of these are duplicates just because of a demonstration environment, but you could see that you can have an unlimited number of leave plans assigned to employees; all different types of rules and scenarios that come up on those calculations and the information pertaining to those leave plans. It's very beneficial for you to have all of these leave plans within Dynamics GP, keeping track of them all in one place, and letting it manage all of the maximums and all the other rules that come with each of those leaves plans.

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