A cool, quick way to distribute earnings statements in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD02-001


You're looking for a better way to distribute earnings statements to your employees. What if you could press one button and have all of your statements sent from Dynamics GP to your employees, through email, via an encrypted PDF document?

If that's easier for you, then Employee E-Mail Suite is for you. It's very easy to set up and use. Easier than printing, stuffing, and mailing statements. And much easier than administering a portal.

Most of our customers see a return on investment in just a few months...

"With 1800 employees, we easily got our ROI out of the purchase within four months; saving not just the money of postage, but also over 20% of our payroll person's time." - Dallas Thiel, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services

Watch the next video to see Employee E-Mail Suite in action at http://youtu.be/rVYZGPRUbtk, or visit http://www.integrity-data.com/more-em....

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