Confidently generate Form 1095-C for your employees and the IRS from the Integrity Data ACA Compliance Solution

In this video, we're going to produce a 1095-C form for ACA compliance using the Integrity Data ACA compliance and reporting tool. While we're going to print a 1095-C for one employee, if you'd like a video on looking at two or three hundred and 1095-Cs I'm sure we could produce that for you.

In this case, we're just going to look at one to give you an example. We're going to product this 1095-C with Hayden Riley and we're going to produce this 1095-C for the year of 2018. As you can see the 1095-C is already formatted.

Let's take a look at some of the information here. Offer of coverage is a 1C, it's ACA coded on line 14. The cost of the plan is $90 per month and on line 16 we have a 2D, which means this plan meets affordability standards and in a federal poverty line safe harbor. We can review the video on setting up ACA attributes for your insurance plan and see how the 2D is assigned.

The 1095-Cs coming from the Integrity Data solution can be downloaded as PDFs and printed and provided to employees and they can emailed to employees, as well.

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