Easily perform a gross-up wage calculation in Microsoft Dynamics GP VD11-002

In this video we're going to talk about how to really calculate gross-ups in Dynamics GP.

There is a function for doing gross up calculations in core Dynamics GP, but it really doesn't provide any features. It's still a very manual calculation, so let's show you a much better way to do that.

Brought our employee maintenance window here in Dynamics GP let's go up to the go to button, payroll, paycheck what-if calculator and you can see we've got our employee ID here and all the information pertaining to this employee. Let's go up and enter the information for our gross up calculation let's say that this employee needs to get a bonus of $500 so what we want to determine is what the gross wages would need to be so that employees check is exactly $500 all we do here is enter the bonus pay code, $500, click our gross up check box and let's hit calculate.

When the report comes up it will show us exactly what the gross wages need to be for a net paycheck of $500. So here we can see that for this employee, given their taxes and other information, their gross wages would need to be $749.52 to produce a check of $500. Now once this is complete we can go in and we can pick up a batch, we can select our bonus batch and add this transaction directly to that batch. Now that bonus can be included in the next payment.

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